Fredericia "Acme" Chairs

Being a mom of four little kids makes it difficult to purchase furniture that is not only stylish, but is also long-lasting and durable. Let’s be honest, our homes are never (or rarely), spotless…they are VERY lived in. I love it and wouldn’t change it, but I equally enjoy having pieces that will look good and work in my spaces!

Living Room with Fredericia Chairs

I was recently searching for new living room chairs, which could also be used for dining room chairs, if need be. In my search, I looked at the Danish brand Fredericia and fell in love with the shape, tones, and minimal design of their Acme chairs. According to the Fredericia brand, the Acme chairs, designed by Geckeler Michels are:

Composed of a perfect square and circle, Acme offers a clean-cut expression fused with human comfort. Acme is crafted in high-grade polypropylene with optional seat upholstery. The consequent design gives a vibrant nudge to any interior. Acme A-base is stackable.


Since I am constantly moving things around in my home, I love products that can be used in different areas and various contexts. I think these chairs fit the bill perfectly. They have moved from my dining area, to my office, and as far as my dressing space in my bedroom.


I have even used these chairs as a side table, in both my office and bedroom. The possibilities are endless!! So tell me, what do you think?


All styling, photography + opinions are my own.

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