Maison Crivelli

I don’t know if I would consider myself the “perfume” type, but when I was generously gifted a few samples from Maison Crivelli, I knew I'd found “my scent!” Here’s the thing, no one wants to smell bad, but somehow what can be worse is being trapped with someone in an elevator who smells like they bathed in flowery perfume [cue instant migraine].

What drew me to MC scents is that they are light, fresh, and smell incredible (without being overbearing). On top of all of that, they are from Paris. How can anything go wrong in Paris?!


Besides the scents, can we talk about the packaging?! I am all about beautiful, minimal product-packaging, and Maison Crivelli does not disappoint, in the least! I love displaying the classic, yet modern bottles throughout my home!

All styling, photography + opinions are my own.

Scott MauriceComment