minimal + calm guest bedroom

My amazing mom recently asked me to update her guest bedroom. I was delighted to do so. We wanted to keep it simple, calm and inviting (but not stark).

Grey tones in a nordic guest bedroom

Initially, she had a light pink accent wall, which was pretty, but we wanted a more neutral-toned color. We chose “french grey” from Sherwin-Williams and found throw pillows at a very reasonable price from my favorite go-to H+M Home

Minimalist guest bedroom in muted tones

I wanted to keep the walls pretty clean and minimal, because the 3/4 painted grey walls were the focal point. However, on the opposing wall, I did a mini-art wall with prints from Desenio and The Poster Club.

Art Wall in a Minimalist Bedroom

I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and those annoying pesky adds that IG has now interspersed throughout our feeds, ended up being a good thing (at least this one time). I found an advertisement for this lighting company and it was love at first sight. I saw the “Lynnea” Wall Lamp from Human Home and it had such a clean, and Nordic feel to it, that I knew this room needed it! The lamp paired with the incredible Menu marble side table…it was a match made in Heaven!

Menu bedside marble table in minimalist bedroom

A few added touches and the room was complete!

Stelton Coffee in Minimalist Bedroom
Side table decor in Scandinavian style

All styling, photography + opinions are my own.

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