Ikea Hack [bookshelves]

Minimalist Bookshelves in living space

I tend to gravitate toward shelving. I love displaying all of my trinkets that I have collected [and I say that loosely, because I am not a collector], over the years. And on top of that, I enjoy having the ability to change up a space, simply by restyling shelves!

However, this time, I had a limited budget, because we are in the process of building a home and it is spendy…to say the least. So where do I turn? Ikea, of course! I picked up the Billy bookcases for an exceptionally reasonable price, but didn’t want to leave them in their current white state.

I hired our family painter to add a coat of muted + calm grey to the plain, white shelves. And I think it did the trick. It took it from looking like Ikea, to well, not looking like Ikea [not that there’s anything wrong with Ikea. I love Ikea].

Minimalist Bookshelves in living space
Minimalist Bookshelves in living space

I purchased the wider bookshelf, along with the thinner one. The difference in size added interest to the whole look, in my opinion!

Details on my shelves
Shelf Details

A little effort + a little paint=complete transformation. I’m happy!

All styling, photography + opinions are my own.

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